Cosmetic tattoos are making a huge comeback. Thanks to advanced esthetic techniques, you can now save time shaping and grooming your eyebrows with microblading. But unlike the old cosmetic tattoos, there’s no need to worry about having left with eyebrows made of faded blue-green tint that looks unnatural. Microblading uses instead an advanced technique to create individual hair-like strokes with a specialized pigment. This results in more natural-looking and fuller eyebrows.

Many are impressed by the results of semi-permanent makeup and by how it cuts down one’s daily beauty regimen. So, people are willing to spend hundreds of dollars to achieve their own perfectly fleek brows. With the upsurge in demand for these beauty services, many current and aspiring beauty estheticians pursue courses to learn the microblading techniques and start their own business.

To give you an idea, here are some basic steps to guide you in starting your own microblading business.


Step 1: Get certified

Microblading is a profitable business. It can actually pay off your initial investments after a few sessions. That’s especially true once you have mastered the techniques and your clients are satisfied with your service. However, before any of these can happen, you need to get certified first!

Many studios are offering training courses. Some at a lesser cost. But the course fee is not the only factor you must look at. It’s important to choose an accredited training facility that provides extensive training and certification.

A 3-day microblading course at The iBrow Academy will let you gain extensive knowledge, experience, and an in-depth understanding of the foundations to create the ideal brow for your clients by applying specialized techniques.

Aside from learning the theory, students are required to perform microblading on live models, which are to be graded and approved by the educators before issuing the certificates. It’s unavoidable for some students to have some doubts during the learning phase, but rest assured that the educators at The iBrow Academy will be available to answer questions, provide constructive feedback and offer ongoing support to give you the confidence to succeed in the beauty business.


Step 2: Get the right tools

During the course, you will be introduced to the complete set of  tools needed to perform microblading service. It includes a numbing cream, anesthetic, eyebrow rulers, microblading pens, disposable needles, pigments and much more. Just like in any other business, there is a start-up cost involved. Needless to say, this kit is one of your crucial investments.

The good news is that the course fees at The iBrow Academy include a professional microblading kit that can service up to 100 clients using the pigment provided. This means that each student has the potential to earn up to $40,000 off the initial kit provided during the course. You can also rely on the fact that all the products in the kit are high-quality, safe to use and approved by Health Canada.

By having the essential microblading tools, safe and high-quality products, you can put your clients’ minds at ease. It shows that you’re not only fully prepared to perform the microblading service but also have their safety on top of your priority. The trust you will gain from your clients will help you develop a good reputation in the industry.


Step 3: Practice your microblading skills

Attending the course and understanding the theory and techniques of microblading are important steps in starting your business but it is not enough to start performing microblading to clients just yet.

Mastering the techniques you learned entails constant practice. Some would even start by offering free services. It may not sound appealing at first but remember that paying clients will be more convinced to try your microblading service if you can show them as many proofs as possible of successful before and after photos.


Step 4: Structure your pricing

Once you are confident about your skills and experience, it is time to start charging clients. Pricing varies by region and typically starts from $400 for initial treatments with touch ups ranging from $100 and above. It is smart to check out the competition within your area and structure your pricing competitively.


Step 5: Market your microblading business

One of the best ways to market your microblading service is by doing a well-executed service that makes your clients happy. People tend to talk about the services they feel elated about with their friends and families. Word-of-mouth has always been one of the most effective and least expensive forms of advertising and building your business.

You can also take advantage of social media by regularly posting successful results with before and after photos of the eyebrows you created. This will encourage people to look more into your business and book you for their microbladed brows.

It’s also important that you are knowledgeable about the service you are offering so you can provide the best possible answers to clients while establishing your trustworthiness. Some people are skeptical about microblading, but most of the time that’s only because they’ve been misinformed. It’s your responsibility to educate them on the general procedures or what to expect after the treatment.

Starting any business has its own challenges. It requires commitment, dedication and hard work. However, owning your own business, also comes with countless benefits, such as freedom, flexibility and control over your own income.

Let The iBrow Academy guide you through your first steps in starting your microblading business. See our upcoming courses here or call us at (204) 894 4643 to know more about our certification programs.