Brow Artist Program

Pre-Requisites - None

Course Length - 2 Days

Kit Included


Course Overview

Our new, Brow Artist Program, offers students training in Brow Mapping & Design, Tinting, Brow Sculpting & Waxing, Brow Lamination and Brow Henna. This certification course gives students the training they need to start their brow business or expand the brow services they already offer. Learning how to map, sculpt, and wax the brows are the fundamental skills required to become a skilled brow artist. Students will learn facial symmetry and how to customize a brow design for each client, as well as multiple techniques for mapping and measuring the brows.

In our Brow Lamination Course, students learn how to tame their clients’ brows and create a uniform shape, as well as tinting options to enhance the color of the brows. Students will be taught how to use the Lashforever Canada laminating products safely with the confidence of knowing this high-quality product is registered with Health Canada.

Henna Brow training will provide the brow artist with unlimited options for coloring, and a selection of vibrant henna colors from Supercilium.

Offering your clients multiple options for brow service will expand your client base and grow your business as you are able to meet the unique service requirements of your customers. Get ahead in your brow technician business with the program that offers you all the fundamentals to brow design and brow enhancements using Lamination & Henna.


Objectives & Outcomes


Safety and Sanitation


Multiple Brow Mapping Techniques


Safe Use of the Brow Lamination & Henna Systems


Client Consultation & Aftercare


Hands on Training with Live Models


Waxing Theory


Income Potential

$100 – $125 per Set

2 Clients per Day

$52,000 – $65,000 per Year


Course Details


2 day

  • Day 1: Brow Sculpting & Waxing and Brow Lamination & Tinting
  • Day 2: Brow Henna
  • 3 Certificates: Brow Henna, Brow Laminination & Brow Sculpting, Brow Waxing & Tint


Before tax


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Upcoming Dates


  • June 28 – 29, 2021


Required Models

6 models

  • 2 Brow Sculpting, Waxing & Tinting in Class
  • 2 Brow Lamination in Class
  • 2 Brow Henna in Class


Course Outline

Brow Sculpting & Waxing

The brow area is one of the most popular areas for waxing in order to get a precise shape. Waxing is a quick and safe form of hair removal that can last up to four weeks. With our training, you will not only be learning the basics of waxing but also be able to give your clients their desired brow shape.

Brow Henna & Design

If you are a new or aspiring brow artist wanting to up your brow game, then our brow henna course is ideal for you. Henna brows course will provide the brow artist with unlimited options for unique brow design and coloring with a selection of vibrant henna colors from Supercilium.

Brow Lamination

Stand out from your competition and offer a service to benefit clients with naturally bold and unruly brows. This treatment is ideal for clients who have untrained brows but struggle to maintain a sleek and uniform shape. With Brow Lamination, the brow shape is redefined and polished by lifting and sealing each hair in a protective film of liquid keratin and silicone.

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