Brow Lamination with Brow Sculpt & Waxing

The best of both worlds, give your clients ready-to-go brows
along with the gift of more time.

Pre-Requisites - None

Course Length - 1 Day


Course Overview

Stand out from your competition and offer a service to benefit clients with naturally bold and unruly brows.

This treatment is ideal for clients who have untrained brows but struggle to maintain a sleek and uniform shape. With Brow Lamination, the brow shape is redefined and polished by lifting and sealing each hair in a protective film of liquid keratin and silicone. This protective film not only tames and realigns the brow hairs, but encourages brow growth. Similar to a lash lift, during brow lamination the hairs are repositioned and set to remain in place for up to 2 months.

You will learn how to properly measure the brow area, and what brow shape best fits your clients. This course focuses on understanding the hair growth cycle, waxing technique around the brow area, product selection and uses, health and safety, as well as contra-indications.

During this course, you will learn about client safety and sanitation practices, proper consultation procedure, contraindications to watch out for, how to create brow symmetry using a variety of techniques, as well as how to combine brow lamination with other brow techniques to create the perfect pair of customized brows for every client.

This 30 minute treatment creates a full and fluffy natural brow look that your clients are sure to love!


Objectives & Outcomes


Safety and Sanitation


Comprehensive Brow Theory


Client Consultation and Contraindications


Understanding Brow Shapes


Hands On Experience with Live Models


After Care and Post Treatment Protocol


Revenue Potential

$85 – $120 per Appt

4 Clients per Day

$17,500 – $25,000 per Year


Course Details


1 day course

  • 1 Day Comprehensive Training
  • Professional Kit ($600 value)
  • Enough Products for 25 Treatments
  • Access to The iBrow Academy Support Team
  • Brow Lamination Certificate


Before tax


Upcoming Dates


  • October 16, 2020
  • November 20, 2020

Required Models

3 models

3 in Class

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