The Team


Hi I’m SHAUNA the lead microblading educator at the iBrow Academy. Brows are my passion. I love to see my clients ecstatic with the job I’ve done and my students confident in their abilities. I began in the beauty industry 19 years ago as an esthetician.

With my many years of experience and utmost respect for the industry teaching was the next exciting stage in my career. I am always eager to learn new things and keep up with the latest beauty advancements over the years. I find semi permanent make up fascinating because it gives me the ability to offer my clients immediate dramatic results that will last. I was trained in Toronto first as a technician and then as an educator by LashForever Canada.

I have since been mastering my craft with ongoing training from masters in Canada USA Croatia and Russia. I enjoy sharing all my own discoveries to help you understand microblading better. I love the ability to be able to connect with others and share my knowledge so that everyone is able to grasp the concepts. I understand that every student learns differently and my style of teaching caters to the needs of individual students so that everyone can be successful. My goal is that my students grasp the concepts and are confident in their own abilities. 

I pride myself on being personable,approachable,patient and supportive so that students feel comfortable coming to me for guidance. I’m excited for you to take my course at the iBrow academy and hope to see you soon.


Hi I’m Amy and I am an educator at the iBrow academy. I teach microblading and am the lead educator for Dermaplaning, and it is pleasure to share my knowledge with others.

I have been in the beauty industry for the past 6 years, as a medical esthetician. As well, I have always loved skin care, and started out my career as a makeup artist.  Eventually I expanded my portfolio to include laser treatments, skin care, specialized peel, facials, and last but certainly not least microblading! As time went on I found a love and passion for not only obtaining my certification as a microblading technician, but in addition passing on what I have learned to others by becoming a certified educator. I Initially was trained in Toronto by Lash forever Canada, and recognized the need to bring what I learned in Toronto back to Winnipeg. Through our partnership with Lash Forever Canada, it is my pleasure to have the opportunity to bring the Lash Forever training to Winnipeg, exclusively at the iBrow Academy.

I find it absolutely rewarding when I observe students apply what they have learned from me, and become successful in their career. In addition to teaching, I am always eager to follow new trends, and stay up to date on the latest beauty enhancements and techniques. I can’t wait to see you at the iBrow Academy!


Hello, My name is Melanie but most people know me as Mel. I am an educator at the iBrow Academy, and teach many courses such as; volume lash extensions, lash lift, and semi permanent mascara, Dermaplaning and am the lead trainer for classic lash extensions. I like the instant results that these beauty enhancements have, because they open up the face, and make the eyes just pop.

I have spent the last 31 years in esthetics and love everything about it.  The desire to make others feel great about themselves fueled me to get into esthetics many years ago. I specialize in skin care treatments, laser treatments, and semi-permanent/beauty enhancement treatments. I love being able to help my clients with troubled skin areas by using products that address their specific needs. I take pride in knowing the ingredients of the products I am using on my clients, to ensure the utmost safety. I received my training in Toronto through LashForever Canada, and I love that they guarantee their products are naturally based, making them 100% safe for the eyes.

Throughout my career I have educated others coming into the industry, and love the rewarding feeling it has given me. I am excited to continue teaching others by becoming one of the iBrow educators. I bring my wisdom, and sense of humour to the iBrow Academy, to make it the best experience for my students. I want my students to feel relaxed and confident. At the end of the day what brings me most joy is hearing my students say “thank you, you did a great job


Hi I am Sarah and I am an iBrow Educator specializing in classic and volume lash extensions and am the lead educator for lash lift and tint training & I couldn’t be more thrilled to teach these courses.

I started my esthetic career 5 years ago with a passion for nails, and the creativity of nail art. Once I got into school for esthetics I began learning other areas of beauty, and got a liking for lashes and brows. Recently I have noticed, and followed the trend of semi-permanent makeup, and beauty enhancement procedures. This drove me to obtain education with the top training facility in North America; LashForever Canada. I have a passion for lashes, and enjoy seeing the immediate results from this beauty enhancement.

I love to meet new people, and share my knowledge to those starting off in the industry; I find I can relate well to them. From nails, to lashes the most rewarding part about my career is happy clients. Cant wait to show you all my tips and tricks and how to apply lashes the best way possible; see you at the iBrow Academy!


Meet Jessica, the Operations Manager for The iBrow Academy.
Jessica’s role is primarily behind the scenes working hard with the team to make sure everything runs smoothly for our students.In addition, Jessica’s is responsible for our media advertising and daily updates – that’s why she is often seen taking pictures during classes.
Jessica graduated from University of Manitoba with a bachelors degree in Arts, specializing in sociology and psychology.  Even though she enjoyed my studies, she knew early on that she wanted a career in the  beauty industry; anyone who know Jessica knows how much she loves makeup and getting dolled up.
Jessica’s career with The iBrow Academy,  began at the iBrow Academy as the very first microblading student, and eventually started working for the company. It has been a pleasure ever since I started, I have had many opportunities to meet so many people, and travel during my time at the academy!