We have options when it comes to financing your career.⁠ Our goal always is to help you. ⁠ Helping you reach your career dreams and helping you sleep well knowing you have an exciting future ahead of you. ⁠ ⁠That doesn’t stop with financing.⁠ ⁠

As you may know, we work with Paybright, but we didn’t stop there either – we offer other payment options from funding and payment plans to education insurance options.

Regardless of how it happens, know that we will try everything to get you to the future you dream of. ⁠ Grow your career with us at The iBrow Academy of Advanced Esthetics. Start your journey to your dream life.⁠

Funding, Grants & Payment Options

Let us help you to access options for financing such as funding, grants, educational insurance and payment plans.

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What Our Students Say

My overall experience in this course was positive. Your instructors had great insight and knowledge in their field of work and gave very helpful tips on how to improve on our techniques. The environment was welcoming and I felt comfortable asking questions without penalty. What I find the most beneficial is that we can contact our instructors if we have any questions and there is a continuous network of support. Thank you for your guidance and wonderful program.

Bailey F.

Classic Lash Extension Student

I am thankful for each of you and for your significant contribution to my personal success. I walked into your academy with zero skills in the beauty industry and walked out highly trained and confident in my abilities to succeed. I have embraced your tutelage, implemented your recommendations, listened to your valuable advice and opened my own business. I now strive to maintain the same level of excellence with my business as you do with yours.

Tara G.

Teeth Whitening Student