Brow Henna & Design

Brows that look fierce and hold their shape, without a needle
or a whole lot of upkeep.

Pre-Requisites - None

Course Length - 1 Day

Kit - Included


Course Overview

If you are a new or aspiring brow artist wanting to up your brow game, then our brow henna course is ideal for you. This course will provide the brow artist with unlimited options for unique brow design and coloring with a selection of vibrant henna colors from Supercilium.

Our 1 day course covers the fundamentals of brow design using multiple options for brow mapping, waxing, and henna application and removal. Students will be taught the art of designing beautiful symmetrical brows for their clients and selecting the right henna colors to enhance the brows.

Students who cannot travel to our classroom can access the training remotely with our online option. Online training has become popular for students all around the globe for accessing training in an endless variety of course options including advanced esthetics. At the iBrow Academy, we are happy to provide you with online training options for multiple courses as we understand that not all our students live nearby and that some simply prefer learning from home.


Objectives & Outcomes


Safety and Sanitation


Techniques For Brow Mapping


Client Consultation and Contraindications


Understanding the Difference Between Henna and Tinting


Hands on Training with Live Models


After Care and Post Treatment Protocol


Revenue Potential

$60 per Appt

 3 Clients per Day

$46,800 per Year


Course Details


1 day course

  • 1 Day Comprehensive Training
  • Supercilium Henna Brow Kit
  • Safety & Sanitation
  • Brow Design, Shaping & Waxing
  • Brow Henna Application & Removal Technique
  • Lashforever Canada Brow Certificate
  • Access to The iBrow Academy Support Team


Before tax

In Class: $1250

Online: $850

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Upcoming Dates


  • Online Available
  • June 29, 2021

Required Models

2 models

2 in Class

a day in the life

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