Does working from home, creating your own hours while spending more time with family sound appealing to you? If yes, then maybe you’re wondering what possible career could offer such perks.

If you have a strong interest in making people feel pretty inside and out, and lash extensions sound exciting to you as it is to many women, then becoming a certified lash technician could be a start of your promising career.

But first…


What Does A Certified Lash Extension Technician Do?

Lash extension technicians apply semi-permanent lashes also known as lash extensions on clients who would like to achieve longer and fuller eyelashes. Extensions are attached to the natural lashes on the upper eyelid with an adhesive. But unlike false eyelashes where glue is applied directly to the lid, these lash extensions made of silk and mink are added individually to your existing lashes to create a more natural look.

By the sound of it, you can presume that it’s certainly not an easy job. A lash service could take about an hour to almost four hours, depending on the chosen lash set. Thus, the need for a professional lash technician.

The Demand for Lash Extensions

As most women desire attractive eyelashes, lash extension is becoming the most desired eye enhancement in the beauty industry. To maintain their full lash look, a client usually needs a refill bi-monthly after an initial lash extension session.

With numerous new and repeat clients who want to achieve stunning eyelashes, the demand for this service only continues to grow. By offering these services, you will have the chance to take advantage of its growing demand.


Is It the Right Career for You?

A certified lash technician is a licensed individual who either works for a spa or salon offering such service. Or they could also be running their independent lash business. Either way, one has to complete an eyelash training program and become certified prior to performing any lash service.

Applying lash extensions requires excellent attention to detail and good hand-eye coordination. Not to mention working around a sensitive area entails extra care. The procedure may also include the use of products and techniques which when not done properly can harm or damage the eyes. These are just a few reasons why it is essential to have proper training from an accredited facility and to be well prepared in performing a lash service.

The price for lash extensions usually starts from $100 and can go up to $250. Once you become a certified lash technician, your income entirely depends on how many clients you intend to take and how many hours you’re willing to devote to your business. It will all be based on your dedication and availability.

If you are fond of the beauty business by making people feel better about themselves while working on flexible hours, this may just be the right career for you.


What You Need to Know About Lash Courses

Lash certification courses only last for 1 to 2 days of in-class theory testing and hands-on demonstration. It doesn’t require months of full-time class. There are no pre-requisites for taking a lash course but you need to be patient and focused as lash services can take up to 3.5 hours.

During the course, you will learn how to conduct a client consultation, how to achieve different lash looks, set up the room, get familiar with the required supplies, and maintain safety and sanitation while providing the lash service to a client.

Make sure to do your research before diving into any course registration. Some facilities do not include a certification and it’s one of the essential factors when building your credibility, especially when you’re just starting your career.

At The iBrow Academy, we offer a full professional kit along with the course registration. The supplies needed for restocking are also available for purchase. In partnership with LashForever Canada, we are offering only high-quality products manufactured in both Europe and Canada and which have worldwide health regulation approval. This means everything is 100% safe to use around your client’s eyes.

Once you complete the course, you are now ready to start promoting your service and performing lash enhancements to your clients.


If you want to know more about The iBrow Academy certification programs, contact us at (204) 894 4643. You can also see our course calendar here.