The iBrow Academy continues to build on it’s reputation of bringing cutting edge, advanced esthetics training to Winnipeg.  We have just added the best Plasma skin tightening training in North America to our lineup of courses and we are excited to deliver this amazing training to our students.  PlasmaPro Canada offers the best plasma skin tightening training in Canada and have just launched their training into the United States.

Plasma Pro Canada 3 day training course has gained the reputation of being the best non-surgical skin tightening procedure in the beauty and cosmetic industry.

North America’s most comprehensive course with unmatched results….

  • 1 DAY ONLINE: Theory & Procedure
  • 2 DAYS IN-PERSON: Set-Up, Treatment & Client Care
  • 20+ MODULES: Of Unmatched Course Content
  • 20+ VIDEOS: Explainers, Examples & More
  • 5 ASSIGNMENTS: Practice Makes Perfect
  • 4 QUIZZES: Testing Your Knowledge
  • 1 FINAL EXAM: Completion & Certification
  • WORK ON LIVE MODELS: Guided Application Of Your Knowledge

In this course you will receive one day online theory and procedure training and two full days of in class set-up, treatment and client care training.  The course contains 20+ modules of in-depth course content, 20+ instructional videos, as well as guided application of your newly gained skills on live models.


Start Date Name Details Location Price Status
July 3, 2018


715 Salter Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada Limited Course Spots Available
715 Salter Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada Limited Course Spots Available


    • 1 Day Comprehensive On-line Training
    • 2 Days In Class Training
    • PlasmaPro Starter Kit
    • Extensive Module Course Content
    • 20+ Instructional Videos
    • Apprenticeship Opportunities
    • Access to The iBrow Academy Support Team

    3 Days | Models Required – 1 in Class

    $4500 (incl. tax)



Over 30+ hours of online and in-person content

  • MODULE 1 – Anatomy of the Skin
  • MODULE 2 – Fitzpatrick Skin Type Classifications
  • MODULE 3 – Ethnic Skin
  • MODULE 4 – Plasma Skin Tightening
  • MODULE 5 – Treatment Areas
  • MODULE 6 – Techniques + Performing Treatments
  • MODULE 7 – The Procedures
  • MODULE 8 – Aftercare
  • MODULE 9 – About Plasma Devices
  • MODULE 10 – Clinic Procedures + Policies
  • MODULE 11 – Hands on with Models

The online program will take 1 full day to complete.  Students will be required to take 4 tests as well as complete 5 assignments prior to class.  In the 2 weeks leading up to the course, it is recommended that students revisit the online program and complete it multiple times to help with information retention.

Students receive access to the online program as soon as the full balance of the course is paid.  The full balance of the course is due 2 weeks prior to the in class course date.

  • INTRODUCTION: Instructors and Students
  • Skin Theory Review
  • Intro to Plasma Skin Tightening
  • Practice Techniques/Patterns on Paper
  • Explore Device
  • Question Period
  • Live Model Demonstration of Upper Eyelid Procedure Performed by Instructor
  • Practice with Device on Practice Material-Test Patch on Students
  • Question/Answer Period


  • 9am-11am – Students Complete Model Procedure
  • 11am-1pm – Students Complete Model Procedure
  • 1pm-3pm – Students Complete Model Procedure
  • 3pm – Students Complete Model Procedure

We highly encourage ALL students to stay and view as many procedures as possible on Day 2.  If you must leave after you complete your procedure on your model please let us know.  Students will be dismissed once all students have observed and worked on their models. There will be a short debriefing once all models have left. The class does run overtime on occasion so please be prepared to stay later on the last day.

Students will be notified via email of their dedicated model time.  It is the responsibility of the student o provide a model for day 2.  Students will be performing a mandatory upper eyelid lift, so please ensure models are chosen wisely.  Clients must have loose excess skin and not fat tissue. Students will receive a visual image on how to conduct a “pinch test” upon registration.

The upper eyelid lift has been chosen as the model area as it is the most detail oriented, intricate and sensitive area to work on.  Students are welcome to perform additional treatments on their models if the models are willing (Crows-Feet, Nasolabial Folds, Accordion Wrinkles or Forehead Lines are options).


There are 2 parts of the program that are optional, though highly recommended; WHIMIS and Bloodborne Pathogens Certification.  The cost for these two programs are not included in the cost of this course.  Should you choose to take these programs, you are encouraged to print out your certificates to display for clients to see.

  • WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) – Is a comprehensive online training course that focuses on safety and protection measures as well as how to identify, label and handle hazardous materials. 
  • BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS – This comprehensive online course focuses on bloodborne pathogens (any disease transmitted through contact with infected blood); diseases/disorders and safety/protection measures.  This course meets Occupational Health & Safety Guidelines.





With your course fee you will receive the PlasmaPro Starter Kit valued at over $1000

  • PlasmaPro Device
  • Carrying Case
  • Device Charger
  • Zensa Numbing Cream
  • Disposable Needles
  • Antiseptic
  • Client After Care Products

It is preferred for students to dress in black attire. Please bring indoor, closed toe shoes.


As a prerequisite, our students must have past experience in an esthetic related industry such as microblading, skin care therapist, lash technician, esthetician, cosmetician, laser technician etc. All students must be pass a pre-registry process to register.  The pre-registry link will bring you to the DermaPro Canada website where you will complete the registration process.



In order to receive certification, students must confidently display and successfully complete the theory and practical portions of the course to receive certification.  Skill level permitting, students will receive a certificate of completion of the Plasma Pro Course issued by DermaPro Canada Inc. at the end of the course.

If a student is not performing to the standards of DermaPro Canada Inc., the instructor will step in and provide the Student with one on one coaching, showing the student how to complete the procedure to a flawless level.

Students are not authorized to practice Plasma Skin Tightening on anyone outside of the classroom until certification of completion has been issued.

It is proven that when it comes to training the smaller the student/teacher ratio is the greater the potential to learn and retain what is learned. At DermaPro the educators realize students learn in different ways and at different speeds. By keeping the class size small it allows the educators to tailor their approach to the learning style of each individual and to provide the most intimate and optimal learning environment.

DermaPro’s two Industry leading program developers have over 15 years of combined experience working in the esthetic industry as technicians and educators. Even though Plasma skin tightening is still fairly new to Canada both developers have experience performing the Plasma skin tightening procedure and have perfected their technique. As former students themselves they identified many gaps in the training courses they have taken. Together they have pooled their expertise and have created the most comprehensive Plasma skin tightening course on the market. 

After months of testing multiple machines, DermaPro landed on a highly effective, German engineered device we are proud to provide to students in their professional kit.  This device is extremely reliable and produces the highest quality results in skin tightening.

Device Highlights:

– 2 settings of plasma flash intensity
– LED light
– Cordless Device with a battery life of 10-15 days/2 hour USB recharge time.
– Disposable tips with proof of sterilization including: sterile lot numbers, expiry dates, tip size and sterile seal.

The PlasmaPro skin tightening course is an intensive 3 day course that covers all aspects of the Plasma skin tightening procedure. Graduates of our program should have all the knowledge, skills and confidence to be successful in performing the plasma skin tightening procedure. Where most training academy’s discontinue their support at the completion of their course, PlasmaPro extends their support beyond the program itself. We are invested in the success of each of our students and feel it’s imperative each PlasmaPro graduate has the opportunity for ongoing support even after they have completed their course.