The beauty world is abuzz with the latest innovation in brow technology and semi-permanent makeup. The Nano Brow technique takes HDI Embroidery/Microblading to the next level and offers precise, natural looking eyebrows.  

The iBrow Academy, certified by Lashforever Canada is now offering the Nano Brow pigmentation technique which is created by pairing the Nano Needle with European Made Artliner™ permanent makeup machines, exclusive to Lashforever Canada. The technique uses a tiny flexible needle (similar to an acupuncture needle) to create fine ‘hair strokes’ into the skin that mimic natural brow hair.  

The iBrow Academy uses Artliner™ machines with advanced digital operation systems that offer more control over speed and depth levels. This allows inexperienced technicians to achieve flawless results in no time at all. The machine offers precise movements and the ability to gradually fade colour (ombre) to achieve more natural results. 

The ArtLiner™ permanent makeup pigments provide the highest level of sanitation and prevention of allergic reactions. The advanced formula means the pigments don’t change colour and the line provides you with a greater colour selection to better suit your clients.  

The main benefit of Nano Brows are longevity since the technique is done with a permanent makeup machine, similar to a brow tattoo, but more natural. Once you have completed the initial application and touch up 4-6 weeks later the Nano Brows can last from 3-5 years with just a colour boost if needed within the 1-3 years. 

This innovative new technique requires more investment in equipment and training than Microblading and estheticians typically charge anywhere from $650 – $750 for Nano Brow services.  

There are two options for the Nano Brow course – beginner and advanced. The beginner course is ideal for students who are looking to start a new career or add this service to their business. Beginner students do not require any previous experience. The advanced course is ideal for students who are experienced in the HDI Embroidery Brow technique with microblading or have received certification through another reputable training institute. Advanced students must understand the concept of hair flow, the foundations of microblading hair strokes and must submit samples of their work before being approved to attend the advanced course.

The Nano Brow Beginner course is $3,550 and consists of 4 days of training where students will complete a minimum of 1 model. If the student can provide their own models they can complete an additional model.

The Nano Brow Advanced course is $2,950 and consists of 2 days of training where experienced students will learn about the machines and how to perform the Nano Brow technique using a permanent makeup machine. Advanced students will complete a total of 1 model in class with the option to complete an additional model if they can provide their own. 

Classes are starting soon and space is limited so contact The iBrow Academy today to reserve your seat in an upcoming class!