Laser Technician Program

Pre-Requisites - None

Course Length - 120 Hours


Course Overview

Our extensive Laser Program is delivered to our students both online and in the treatment room. This program includes the Level 1 & Level 2 laser courses to provide students with the most comprehensive theory and hands-on training in laser treatments. Students train with a state of the art laser machine and are taught by a skin specialist with 34 years of experience in the industry. Students will have regular theory reviews with the educator prior to writing their assessments and can only advance if the minimum requirement of each section is met.

Understanding the demands of life, work and family, we have structured this course to offer students the ability to complete the training based on their individual schedules.

Once you register, our administrator will contact you to set up your individual start dates for the program.

Our hands-on training is done at our Medi Spa to give students the experience of working in a spa environment under the guidance and direction of their educator. The iBrow Academy is owned by Total Wrapture Medi Spa – winner of the 2020 Top Choice award for Best Skin Clinic in Winnipeg.


Objectives & Outcomes


Safety & Sanitation


Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin


Client Consultations and Skin Analysis


Laser, Light and Radiofrequency Treatments


Hands on Training with Live Models


After Care and Post-Treatment Protocol


Revenue Potential

Laser Treatment $110 -$420 per Appt

2 Clients per Day

$55,000 – $210,000 per Year


Course Details


120 hours in class

  • Level 1 Laser
  • Level 2 Laser
  • Access to The iBrow Academy Support Team
  • The iBrow Academy Laser Technician Certificate


Before tax


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Upcoming Dates


  • Customized to Fit Each Student’s Schedule

Required Models

9 models

Minimum 9 Models in Class (Under Supervision)


Course Outline

Level 1 Laser

We have put together a comprehensive course to cover laser science, safety protocols and laser hair removal treatments. Students will spend 2 days in the treatment room working on live models for their practical training. By the time our students receive their certificate, they will be confident in delivering safe and effective laser hair removal treatments for all skin types.

Level 2 Laser

This course builds on the theory covered in our Level 1 Laser course to include photofacials, non-ablative skin resurfacing and other advanced laser treatments. Practical training will be delivered over 2 days in the treatment room working on live models. By the time our students receive their certificate, they will be confident in delivering safe and effective advanced laser treatments for all skin types.

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