Dermaplaning Course Online


The kit will be shipped to you via courier and you will have access to online Dermaplane Pro Training, as well as one-on-one training with an educator via video chat. ⁠

For the hands-on training we usually recommend practicing on a friend, but as there are some other circumstances in play, we have other suggestions for you;⁠
1. Practice on your quarantine buddy.⁠
2. Schedule hands-on training with our educator once quarantine is lifted. ⁠

You don’t have to feel stuck during this time, stay busy and grow your career.⁠


We have put a comprehensive and easy to follow program to learn Dermaplaning. We understand that not everyone can access the classroom option as locations and schedules can be very demanding.

With our online course, you get to choose the date you want to start your course, and will have a dedicated instructor to answer your question and provide you with ongoing support. This course comes with a complete professional kit.