Preston Rxtractor Comedone Extractor


There’s nothing else like the Rxtractor or anything that works as effectively. Estheticians worldwide rely on it to produce truly exceptional acne treatments. Clients love the results and estheticians will never be without the Rxtractor once they master it.

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The perfect tool for quick, easy, painless extractions that don’t leave marks or indentations in the skin. You and your clients will love the results! What makes this extractor so special? – THE VIDEO IS BELOW! This will give you a short explanation.

Easily integrates into your dermaplaning protocol:

Cleanse, Prep (AHA/BHA Skin Prep Solution), Dermaplane, NuPeel Enzyme, Rxtractor, Mask, Finishing Products.

The Preston Rxtractor was developed over 30-years ago by veteran esthetician Douglas Preston. This tool is an adaptation of a surgical comedone extractor, modified to allow precision pressure to be applied for easy impaction removal. The Rxtractor tool and technique greatly ease the process of comedone extractions and permit far more productivity per treatment. The familiar cup and hole end of the tool is used to aid certain extraction processes in specific areas, particularly in the ears.

This is a professional tool only, not available for consumer purchase.

It is highly recommended that estheticians have two Rxtractors ready in their practice, as they are easy to drop during treatment. They virtually never wear out—a great investment!