Pre-requisite – Students must have completed a  microblading course.

The ability to add shading to your microblading brow services will expand your options for customizing the perfect brow design for your clients, increase your revenue and sets you apart from other brow artists.


Course Details

With our 2 day course (1 day – optional co-op day) you will gain the knowledge and  understanding of how to use a micropigmentation pen to shade to customize your clients’ brows as well as how to combine it with microblading as another option for brow design.  Your shading kit comes complete with a micropigmentation machine, needles, Artliner pigments and more and has a total value of $700.00.

Day 1 of training consists of microblading overview, advanced brow mapping techniques, review of numbing agents, a demonstration by the educator and 1 live model to be completed in class by each student.  In-class model is mandatory and an additional 3 models must be completed on your own, that are graded and approved by our educator in order to receive your certificate.

Day 2 is a co-op day scheduled once per month in advance, for students to do work on up to 2 models at our location and receive feedback.  Our educators will be available to answer questions and grade  models which are counted towards your certification.

This course can be combined with Microblading, additional discounts apply when taking together. Click the BUTTON below to get more details.


Start Date Name Details Location Price Status
September 19, 2019


715 Salter Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada From $500.00 Limited Course Spots Available
715 Salter Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada From $500.00 Limited Course Spots Available
October 24, 2019


715 Salter Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada From $500.00 Limited Course Spots Available
715 Salter Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada From $500.00 Limited Course Spots Available
November 21, 2019


715 Salter Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada From $500.00 Limited Course Spots Available
715 Salter Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada From $500.00 Limited Course Spots Available


  • Full comprehensive training & 1 day of models
  • Professional kit ($700 value)
  • Access to The iBrow Academy Support Team
  • Certificate
  • Ongoing support

1 in Class / 2 out of class


Reg. $1295 (Micropigmentation machine included)



Class Time: 10am – 6pm

Model Start Time: 2pm

  • Microblading overview
  • Advanced brow mapping techniques
  • Kit review
  • Numbing agents
  • Color theory with Artliner pigments
  • Needle types and use
  • Pigment and pigment mixing
  • Shading techniques
  • Practice on fake skin
  • Procedure outline
  • Pricing and touch up
  • Client consultation & contraindications
  • Safety and Sanitation
  • Sterilization
  • Before and after picture
  • Forms
  • After care
  • Testing

A co-op day is held once per month at our location and students can complete up to 2 models and receive immediate feedback from the educators. 

Models will be graded and can be used towards your out-of-class model requirements. 

Students must pre-register for co-op class dates so we can have the adequate number of educators available to answer your questions

Model Requirements

It is the sole responsibility of the student to find required models to complete the course. If you are unable to find a model we will need a minimum of 2 weeks notice to find you a model.

Students located in Winnipeg that require us to provide models will be charged  $50.00 + tax for each model we provide.

If you are located outside of Winnipeg and you are attending classes at our Winnipeg facility, The iBrow Academy will provide you with models at no additional cost if you are unable to find them.

In all cases we will do our best to find you a model.  However, should a model no-show or cancel at the last minute it is the responsibility of the student  to complete additional out of class models for their certification.


Can I offer this service out of my home

To legally operate any business from your home you must first check into City of Winnipeg  zoning requirements.  In the case of Microblading / shading, additional requirements through your city / town health department also apply.

What are the requirements for working out of a spa doing this service

Your local city/town may require additional permits or approval for the facility itself in order to provide this service.  In Manitoba, the facility requires a Personal Service Facility Permit in order to provide any micropigmentation services.  Information on the Personal Service Facility requirements can be found at //

Where do I buy my products

We make it easier for our students to purchase supplies from our online shop.  Visit us at or call us at 204-894-4643 if there is an item you cannot find or would like to make your purchase over the phone.

Is there ongoing support available

Yes, our educators will respond to your inquiry within 1-3 business days.