Teeth Whitening Online Course


Cosmetic teeth whitening is one of the fastest-growing services being offered in spa’s and salons worldwide. It has gained popularity and increased revenues as it becomes part of the billion- dollar cosmetic industry.  As millions of beauty images flood social media daily, the competition has become intense for the most picture-perfect images.  Alongside the perfect makeup, and style that’s on point, everyone wants to show off a beautiful white smile to get that just perfect shot.

With Health Canada registered products, we offer a comprehensive training program with a system that is easy to learn and use.  Our theory covers a wide range of subjects from tooth function, structure and color variation to whitening gels, whitening lamps and much more.  Our hands-on training is designed to increase students’ knowledge and prepare them to offer the service to client with great confidence.

Check out our social media pages to hear from our students who are killing it with their teeth whitening business.

 ”I was the first person to do the course online but I will say I  truly loved every second of it!  It was smooth, easy and fun!… I can’t thank Angie, Evelyn, the front end staff and overall The iBrow Academy for their passion, consistency, communication and assistance in making this course an amazing one! @ShaDee204″



  • Basic Tooth Anatomy
  • Tooth Structure & Function
  • Tooth Types & Function
  • Color Variation
  • Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors Affecting Tooth Color
  • Causes for Discoloured Teeth
  • Tetracycline, Dental Fluorosis, and Teeth Whitening
  • Over the Counter Whitening vs Cosmetic Whitening
  • Bleaching Techniques
  • Indications & Contraindications of Bleaching
  • Review of the Different Whitening Lights
  • Review of the Different Whitening Gels
  • Dentist Whitening vs Cosmetics Whitening
  • Tooth Dehydration
  • Tooth Sensitivity, Gum Irritation, Technicolour Teeth
  • Post Bleaching Instruction
  • Theory Testing and Review
  • Safety and Sanitation
  • How to Take a Tooth Shade
  • Hands-on Teeth Whitening Training


    • 2 in-class models required
    • Students must provide the names of their models at least 24 hours prior to class
    • If you cannot find a model, please give us 2 weeks notice and we will assist you in your search

Students must be a minimum of 18 years of age to take the course


Students will receive their Teeth Whitening certification upon passing the test and completing the required models.