If you’re a salon owner or esthetician you’ve probably heard of microblading or HDI embroidery brows. Microblading is a less invasive form of permanent make up. Technicians use manual tools to create fine hair strokes in the natural eyebrow area. The result is bold, natural brows that can last one to three years with touch-ups.

Microblading is a great service to complement existing eyebrow service offerings such as waxing and threading. Investment in a comprehensive training course can pay dividends for your business. Alternatively it’s a great way for an entrepreneur to break into the beauty industry without costly start-up investments of equipment or rental space. Mindi Bergman, owner of GLOSS Beauty Studio in University Place, Washington claims that she has doubled her income with this new service!

The iBrow Academy in Winnipeg is the premier provider of microblading training services, and an exclusive Lashforever Canada distributor. We are a Lashforever Canada accredited training & distribution facility, one of the top rated lash, brow and beauty training facilities in North America. Lashforever is the first company to introduce microblading training into Canada and prides itself on staying current with new trends in the beauty industry. They have established a solid framework for their unique technique and high standards for educators to deliver this training.

The iBrow Academy offers a comprehensive three day training course which includes key tools and certifications required to become a microblading technician. Students will also be required to complete six additional models outside of class that are graded and approved by our certified HDI Trainers. It is important to understand the requirements and guidelines for practicing microblading in your province. For requirements in Manitoba please click here.

The iBrow Academy, schedules a refresher training class one month after initial training to help students troubleshoot or receive assistance with microblading on a live model. The iBrow Educators are committed to student success and have over ten years of experience in the beauty industry.

3 days of comprehensive training
Professional kit valued $650
Service for 100 clients (pigment)
Marketing Material
HDI Microblading Brow Certificate
Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate

For more information on microblading/HDI embroidery brow training click here.

Article Source: Salon Today